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Internet Yellow Pages is becoming a significant player in the ever-growing local search segment. Brand recognition is a key driver of IYP searches. Approximately 58% of consumers who choose an IYP site first do so because of brand recognition and reputation, while 30% choose an IYP site first because of its reputation for local business information. IYP provides the advertiser with a measurable, cost-effective option for expanding their reach to local customers. Advertising is locally targeted and sourced to some of the top search engine sites.

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Local Online Display

Local Online Display uses Behavioral, Contextual and Demographic targeting to reach the right consumer at the right time with the right message.  People spend 95% of their time online browsing sites with online display ads. Online display ads allow you to communicate your brand with compelling visuals targeted only to relevant consumers. In a comScore study of 139 campaigns over a 4 week period, online display ads were proven to have significant impact on traffic to the advertiser’s website and search queries using the advertiser’s brand. The consumer’s likelihood of buying the advertised brand increased by an average of 27%.



Mobile local search is showing unprecedented growth. In 2012, over 86 million mobile subscribers accessed local content on a mobile device, up 63% since 2010. Local content now dominates mobile usage behaviors, with subscribers increasingly turning to mobile for information on maps, weather, traffic, retail and other local content.